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MSSQL template - features added2011/06/24 10:21 by Bryan Ellis
My company has decided to base its lowest level DAL on BLToolkit.  We only use MSSQL so the added features I have coded are only in that database flavor.
1. BUG correction - if the same table and constraint names are in multiple schemas the join conditions will cross-link between them causing a Linq error when generating the code.  To correct I added the CONSTRAINT_SCHEMA as part of the join conditions.
2. FEATURE - Ability to generate model from only one schema rather than entire database.  In my system I have a "system" schema and a "storage" schema.  They can coexist in one database or be in separate databases.  The "storage" schema also has a variable name.  I added a property called "OwnerToInclude".  If set, only that schema is generated.  If not set, entire database is generated as before.
3. FEATURE - If MS_Description extended property has been set on tables or columns it is used as a "summary" comment for the generated code.  This gives a quick way to document the DAL while the descriptions are maintained in the database or the SQL Scripts used to create the database.
I am happy to provide the changed files (BLToolkit.ttinclude, and MSSQL.ttinclude) if someone will tell me how I should do so.

Re: MSSQL template - features added2011/07/21 04:25 by yallie
Hi, Bryan.

BLToolkit source code is hosted on GitHub:

To submit your changes, please fork this repository, submit changes to your fork and create a pull request. Project owner, igor-tkachev, will review your patch and apply it.

Regards, yallie
Re: MSSQL template - features added2012/02/27 15:06 by Bryan Ellis
I just noticed this response today. I believe I have successfully forked the code, added my changes, pushed my fork, and initiated a pull request.

THANK YOU for the information.

Find examples database2012/09/06 09:15 by Juan Reyes
I find the database instance MSPetShop4, MSPetShop4Orders, MSPetShop4Profile, MSPetShop4Services, to test applications
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