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The ObjectType attribute associates an actual type with the type returned by an abstract method. Note the ActualType attribute has lower priority.


using System.Collections.Generic;

using NUnit.Framework;

using BLToolkit.DataAccess;

namespace HowTo.DataAccess { [TestFixture] public class ActualType { public interface IName { string Name { get; } }

public class NameBase : IName { private string _name; public string Name { get { return _name; } set { _name = value; } } }

public class Name1 : NameBase {} public class Name2 : NameBase {}

[ActualType(typeof(IName), typeof(Name1))] public abstract class TestAccessor : DataAccessor { [SqlQuery("SELECT 'John' as Name")] public abstract IName GetName1();

[SqlQuery("SELECT 'John' as Name"), ObjectType(typeof(Name2))] public abstract IName GetName2();

[SqlQuery("SELECT 'John' as Name")] public abstract IList<IName> GetName1List();

[SqlQuery("SELECT 'John' as Name"), ObjectType(typeof(Name2))] public abstract IList<IName> GetName2List();

[SqlQuery("SELECT 1 as ID, 'John' as Name"), Index("@ID")] public abstract IDictionary<int, IName> GetName1Dictionary();

[SqlQuery("SELECT 1 as ID, 'John' as Name"), Index("@ID"), ObjectType(typeof(Name2))] public abstract IDictionary<int, IName> GetName2Dictionary(); }

[Test] public void Test() { TestAccessor ta = DataAccessor.CreateInstance<TestAccessor>();

Assert.IsTrue(ta.GetName1() is Name1); Assert.IsTrue(ta.GetName2() is Name2); Assert.IsTrue(ta.GetName1List()[0] is Name1); Assert.IsTrue(ta.GetName2List()[0] is Name2); Assert.IsTrue(ta.GetName1Dictionary()[1] is Name1); Assert.IsTrue(ta.GetName2Dictionary()[1] is Name2); } } }


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
            name             = "DemoConnection"
            connectionString = "Server=.;Database=BLToolkitData;Integrated Security=SSPI"
            providerName     = "System.Data.SqlClient" />

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